RED CENTRAL AUTO DEPOT is the leading multi-brand car sales enterprise, providing new and second-hand automobiles and related products and services, such as loan and lease financing and in-demand aftermarket products, including extended service agreements. As a model in the fast buying and selling service, RED CENTRAL AUTO DEPOT is the best choice for consumers who demand objectivity, selection and upfront pricing, and for other customers who want to leverage for incremental sales and revenue at no additional cost.

RED CENTRAL AUTO DEPOT offers no-haggle, upfront pricing to consumers, who can research, price, order, purchase, insure and finance a vehicle via an array of financing companies. It offers product information for nearly every make, model and style of new automobile available in the market today. Shoppers can also simultaneously compare the specifications of competing vehicles.

RED CENTRAL AUTO DEPOT has also created a comprehensive multi-lender service that gives customers unparalleled options to finance used vehicles. Its multi-lender service is supported by leading financial institutions that feature a breakthrough in finance decision-making engine for instant pre-approval from lenders and choice of multiple loan offers.

In March 2008, RED CENTRAL AUTO DEPOT acquired a lot along EDSA, North Triangle; then, became the new and exclusive car buying-selling activity in Metro Manila. It enabled itself to reach the millions of experienced car shoppers of Metro Manila and suburban areas; added an alliance with other dealers and sub-dealers; and united with some of the nation’s largest dealer groups within the national dealer network.

Mr. Rommel Chan, Mr. Eric Rada Cruz, Mr. Eliseo Ong and Mr. Jaime Dennis Driz, the incorporators behind RED CENTRAL AUTO DEPOT, are committed to extending the outfit’s leadership in this emerging sector of the automotive market. Their organization has received significant commendations from dealers and sub-dealers alike.